La Sirena—Akumal, Mexico
Available for vacation rental

Akumal, yes, everyone loves Akumal. 

Nowhere else can you see turtles in such abundance.  Your cardinal rule…DON’T TOUCH. Don’t chase or harass.  They will surface so close to you that the urge to reach out can be overwhelming.  But, it’s a federal offense and it’s really not good for the turtles.  Plus, if you touch, and they don’t like–they’re gone and your viewing is over.  Don’t even try to keep up.  You’ll never catch one

When you’re done exploring the jungle or the waters or the ruins, the day is not OVER when you get back to the room, heck, it can be just starting as you whip up some margaritas and crank up the a/c– all in the privacy of a great alternative to a hotel room–and every room except ONE of the two bathrooms has an ocean view.

And in case you are wondering.. when you stay in a condo you DO NOT make your own bed or do your own dishes.  That is all done daily for you, and it’s ALL INCLUDED IN THE COST.

Whooo hoooo              See, THAT’S a vacation!

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