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For someone new to meditation, meditation is so much more, than just sitting still with your eyes closed, trying not to physically fall asleep,
although sitting still that can be part of it.

Meditation is so much more, than just sitting still. Mindful meditation can be practiced throughout your day, in so many and in many different activities.



Many people define Meditation by the Webster dictionary which says, "to ponder, to reflect upon".  Although that definition can be meditation, it is also much more.

Mindful Meditation can assist you in achieving or receiving many benefits: mental, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. 

The effects of Mindful Meditation assist you to integrate the inner world of peace and joy with your outer world of action and achievement.  This integration produces a full development of your body, mind and heart the true unfoldment of who you are with all your potential.

Mindful Meditation is being fully present, in each moment, and one of the great parts of this, is that you are already practicing mindfulness in some part of your life.  
Unfortunately many people go through life in robot mode, almost asleep. You may have heard someone say, or said yourself - that is so easy I could do it in my sleep. My job is so boring, I'm like a robot. or something similar.










Life is what happens 
when you are busy making other plans" 
~ John Lennon ~

More on Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation

Dean OrnishMeditation Gives the Brain a Charge. Brain research is beginning to produce concrete evidence for something that Buddhist practitioners of meditation have maintained for centuries: Mental discipline and meditative practice can change the workings of the brain and allow people to achieve different levels of awareness.

Take a few minutes and let yourself relax and enjoy this beautiful meditation. Click the arrow to start. Be sure to have your computer speakers on:



Give yourself a gift of change.

 For the next 7 days, start a Mindful Meditation practice, once a day.
 Give yourself 15 minutes to practice Mindfulness.
 Keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences.

You have tried everything else to get what and where you want in life - why not this for 7 days?

Be honest with yourself and your practice, and you may surprise yourself in your results.

From Mindful Meditation practice, you may find yourself practicing Mindful Living.                                        


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  According to a piece on KABC-TV, the Los Angeles ABC station, meditation may be a helpful tool for new mothers suffering from postpartum depression, also called the 'baby blues.'











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