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Mindful Meditation
by Rev. Sumner Davenport

Mindful Meditation is being fully present,
in each moment,
and savoring all experiences.

For someone new to meditation, meditation is so much more, than just sitting still with your eyes closed, trying not to physically fall asleep,
although sitting still that can be part of it.

Meditation is so much more, than just sitting still. Mindful meditation can be practiced throughout your day, in so many and in many different activities.

Many people define Meditation by the Webster dictionary which says, "to ponder, to reflect upon".  Although that definition can be meditation, it is also much more.

Mindful Meditation can assist you in achieving or receiving many benefits: mental, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual

The effects of Mindful Meditation assist you to integrate the inner world of peace and joy with your outer world of action and achievement.  This integration produces a full development of your body, mind and heart the true unfoldment of who you are with all your potential.

Mindful Meditation is being fully present, in each moment, and one of the great parts of this, is that you are already practicing mindfulness in some part of your life.  
Unfortunately many people go through life in robot mode, almost asleep. You may have heard someone say, or said yourself - that is so easy I could do it in my sleep. My job is so boring, I'm like a robot. or something similar.

"Life is what happens 
when you are busy 
making other plans" 
~ John Lennon ~


Persons new to Mindful Meditation generally ask similar questions These may include: What is it?;  What do I do?; What can I expect?; Can I do this on my own?; Do I always have to be sitting in a quiet space to meditate?; and How do I know if I'm doing it right?  Many books have been written on the subject.

If we look at the last question first, this is one activity you can only do right.  Different states of mind and clarity will bring different results. However, they are all the experience you have.    Whatever you experience will be correct.  Allow yourself your experience.

Another of the important questions, relates to whether sitting in a quiet space is always required. The answer here is "NO".

You can practice Mindful Meditation while involved in movement as well, such as dancing or walking. The key is the "Mindfulness".  

In active mindful meditation, you are experiencing all parts of life. Therefore both stillness and activity, and silence or sounds can be experienced in meditation.   The function of Mindful Meditation is to heal and transform; to look deeply within; to listen for messages and guidance, and to realize and accept your powerfulness, your creativity, your full expression - all that you are..

We are so accustomed to dragging our past with us and holding onto the illusion of the excitement, worry and anticipation of the future, we miss the moment we are in.  By practicing Mindful Meditation, we experience the NOW.  Plan for the future, absolutely! however, live in the moment.

With Mindful Meditation we learn that freedom actually results from letting go, rather than from old habits of attempting to control or hang on. With Mindful Meditation we learn how to liberate ourselves from our own internal blocks. 

Some people use meditation as a means to escape from the problems in their lives.  Some use it as an escape to play. Increasing playfulness in our lives is a very important healing practice, however, in order to receive the insight and passionate energy from Mindful Meditation , we must be willing to go beyond attempting to use meditation only as an escape from our lives.  Mindful Meditation as part of your daily life practice will assist you to find answers, healing, and enlivened passion and energy.

Practiced regularly, Mindful Mediation clarifies the voice of Truth. Mindful Meditation can assist you from becoming tangled in your everyday life.  It can assist you in bringing about the results you want in your life with more ease.  Mindful Meditation can slow down the chatter in your mind.

Regularly practiced Mindful Meditation can assist you in personally empowering yourself.  Our relationship with ourselves and others can become transformed, easier and more joyful, when we practice Mindfulness consistently.









Most people are not afraid of 
NOT getting what they want. 
They are used to that. 
More people are afraid of removing their blockages, 
because they know on a very deep level that their life will change 
in a powerful dramatic way 
~ Carolyn Myss ~

Mindful Meditation allows you the opportunity to hear how to get what you desire, and opens you to the realization that you have the ability and strength to have it. All you need is the willingness to listen and then follow the guidance.

The hope, desire and manifestation of your life all originate from within and shine outward from there. Your life is a manifestation of what you truly believe - deep inside.

Meditation is a mirror reflection of your life, and Mindfulness allows you to look, see and make changes - deep inside, which can then change your outside world.  

As you listen in Mindful Meditation, your opportunities are offered.  Our lives are the constant unfolding of our choices. We can become more alive in our daily existence.

As you accept your messages in Mindful Meditation, wonderful things can happen in your day. Your inner perspective increases and you start to see things in a different light, You reach a point where you are not so vulnerable, and you're not shattered by disappointment - you grow.  You find the beautiful results of liking yourself and relating that self to others.  Your confidence continues to build and your capability expands, and by doing so, you build your life as you grow.


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Mindful Meditation can be practiced anywhere.  It is possible to meditate on your own.  With a group, you may find the group energy assists you in staying focused and mindful.

Practicing Mindful Breathing during meditation allows you to free your mind and enjoy the freedom of meditation


Our breath plays an important role. Our breath is the connecting link between the inner world of our spirit, our heart or our passion,  and the outer world of the physical, our body and the world. 

Breath is essential to life. Think about it - you can go days without water, weeks without food, but only minutes without breath.

Mindful breathing can assist in putting an end to distracting thoughts, bringing us back to the present moment where we can receive the benefits of the meditation.  
You may practice Mindful breathing on your own and find it helps you to stay focused and in the moment.
Try this Mindful breathing exercise:

     Sit comfortable and take in deep breaths through your nostrils.
     Feel the sensation. 
     Take in deep breaths and on the exhale, allow your air to flow through your lips.
     This should be simple and natural.
     Continue to take deep breaths and focus on the sound of your breath as you inhale and exhale.
     If your mind begins to wander.  Let that be ok, and then bring your focus back to the sound of your breath.
     Breath into your chest.
     Can you feel your chest expand without opening your eyes and looking at it?
     Breath into your tummy. 
Can you sense the expansion of your tummy without having to open your eyes and look?
     Continue to focus on the sound and flow of your breath. Continue for a few more breaths.
     Then allow yourself to breathe your normal style breathing. 
     When you feel comfortable with your normal style breathing.  Open your eyes.

You have practiced Mindful breathing.  Being in the moment with the sound and flow of your breath, each moment.

It is important not to become ambitious or to give yourself limits on what you need to experience.  Allow yourself to remove the boundaries and limits and just be with the free space.  This will take practice and patience with yourself, however, the rewards of mindful meditation will be worth it.

"In an open mind, 
there are many possibilities, 
but in the 
'already-know-it' mind, 
there are few" 
~ Suziki ~

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Mindful Meditations are each different.  Some encourage joy, others insight and awakening.  Others peacefulness, playfulness, healing .  Others increase passion and energy.  Some meditations we empty the mind of thoughts and other meditations focus on a specific thought or image.  
Mindful Meditation brings about the union of opposites.  Ying and Yang, your active and passive, your conscious mind, subconscious mind, your spiritual and your physical balance.
After Mindful Meditation, you may find it beneficial to write down any thoughts or feelings that have come to you during your meditation or soon after.  If you received a particular insight or received peace and silence and no words at all, take the time to write this in a journal.  In time, you may see a connection of this information.  Perhaps answers you were seeking, or validation that you have made progress in your listening.  Writing down the awareness expands your experience.

Your mind has served you well, thinking out your life and how to live it.  However, unless you have all you desire physically, financially and emotionally, you can learn more from your inner source.
Spiritual insight is your relationship with yourself, and with your source. As you continue to do things the same way - you will continue to get the same results.

“The definition of insanity is
continuing the same thoughts and behaviors
and expecting different results.”

~ Albert Einstein ~

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Give yourself a gift of change.

 For the next 7 days, start a Mindful Meditation practice, once a day.
 Give yourself 15 minutes to practice Mindfulness.
 Keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences.

You have tried everything else to get what and where you want in life - why not this for 7 days?

Be honest with yourself and your practice, and you may surprise yourself in your results.

From Mindful Meditation practice, you may find yourself practicing Mindful Living.                                         Back to top

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