Many people go about their day, doing tasks, Mindlessly following their habits without questioning

 "WHY"  and "HOW"???

Why do I have this opinion?, Why do I have this judgment?, Why do I keep doing the same thing? How can I change this habit that I don't like anymore?, Why do I behave this way?, How can I change some of my knee-jerk behaviors? and more.......

Some of our habits were developed in younger years and we made Premature Cognitive Commitments to them. Some of our mindlessness was developed as we matured, from habits already in place. And we keep them, sometimes for a lifetime, without ever questioning ourselves, whether these "habits", "opinions" and "behaviors", are helping us or hurting us.

mindless, adj    (dictionary.com)
1: lacking the thinking capacity characteristic of a conscious being; 2: requiring little mental effort;
not mindful or attentive; 4: complacently or inanely foolish  5. not marked by the use of reason


Mindless keeps us trapped    in a rigid world 
Mindless  keeps us boxed in

Mindless can feel like you are always chasing after something

or feel like you are m   ssing something....

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